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Below you can find some of our FAQ's, and answers to them.  If you have a question, and do not see it listed below, feel free to contact us.


Question: Do you pay for scrap metal, junk, electronics, and vehicles?


Answer: We do not pay for any type of items. We charge for all services that we provide to our customers


Question: How soon do you come out once I contact you?


Answer: Depending on time of day, same day or within 24 - 48 hours excluding all major holidays.


Question: How do you prefer that I make a pickup request?


Answer: All pickup requests can be made on our Request A Estimate page. In the event that you are unable to place request on our website, you are welcome to call, text, or email us!


Question: What is the fee/charges associated with using your company?


Answer: To see a full list of fees that we charge, please visit our Pricing page.


Question: Does your company offer any discounts if I have a large pickup? 


Answer:  We offer Seniors 50+, First Responders, & Military 10% Off regardless of the size of job you have. Whether it be 1 item, or an entire house/business full of stuff to remove.


Question: Do you provide a paper or electronic receipt once I pay?


Answer: We handle all our paperwork electronically, from estimates to invoices, to credit card processing.  In the event you do not have an email address, or prefer a paper estimate/invoice/receipt, we can provide that as well.  


Question: Will you require my help to load anything?


Answer: We are a full service junk removal company. Which means, you simply point to what you want removed, and we will take it from there.  


Question: I have a pickup needing to be done, but cannot be present. What does your company provide to show proof that the work was indeed done?


Answer: Our clients range from individuals to companies of all sizes. With that said, there is times when the client is unable to be at the job site with us.  In these events, we will show up, take pictures of the house or business, pictures of the items before we move them, and pictures once we are done.  We do this, to give our clients the peace of mind that the job was done. Once done with the job, we will email you the photos, and invoice.  


Question: When is payment due for the services provided by your company?


Answer:  As stated on our Fee's page, located here, all payments are due upon completion of each load, or 25% deposit of the total estimated number of loads.


Question: I have some computers that I need to recycle, but worried about private information falling into someone's hands.


Answer: We do offer full data deconstruction which will wipe all data from your computers.  With this service, once completed, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction as well.


Question: Do you work with (schools, churches, and non profit organizations)


Answer: Yes, we will work with any individual or organization that is seeking our services! Fee free to contact us 24/7 to discuss your needs!

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